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I was using the blogspot default commenting widget and only sometime back I linked my Google plus profile and enabled G+ comments to show on my blog. Ideally it had to show both the default blogger comments and G+comments but unfortunately I cannot see any.

I've approved the comments and the count shows on the blog but comments don't appear. I've uploaded a theme and hardly made any changes in the layout.

Any idea how to get both my comment widgets working?

Thanks. Sowmya.

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Are you using custom Templates?

If you are then, you should know that custom templates doesn't have proper Data Tags added (most of the time) in their templates.

I've just made a test blog with default template and enabled the Google+ Comments feature, its successfully incorporated without any errors. So you need to work on your Uploaded template. (Take notes from the "Default Templates" Provided by the Blogger)

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I have a semi-custom template. Cannot afford to change it now. Anyway I have resolved this issue. Thank you. – androidbug Apr 11 '14 at 5:57

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