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I want to export data from VersionOne into my own Java application. Please help me retrieve this data from it. I used the following code but it is not working.

V1APIConnector dataConnector = new V1APIConnector("", "username", "password");
V1APIConnector metaConnector = new V1APIConnector("");
metaModel = new MetaModel(metaConnector);
services = new Services(metaModel, dataConnector);

It seems there is some problem from with my URL. Please tell me what will be proper URL here as my company URL is

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What do you mean by "it is not working"? What did you expect to happen? What is actually happening? What error messages are you getting? – Kenster Dec 9 '13 at 14:31
It is returning me null , my request it not been authenticated – Junaid Akhtar Dec 9 '13 at 16:28

You have the correct form of the URL in your post, but not in your sample code. All hosted instances use https as you have shown at the end, but your code has http. While a browser will simply accept a redirect and take you from http to https, the API Client code does not; it simply fails to establish a connection.

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