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I'm using thor to write command-line tasks (in a rails 3 app) and trying to pipe input to them over heroku, e.g. cat somefile.csv | heroku run thor sometask

works great on my local machine cat somefile.csv | thor sometask but can fail on heroku. Some versions of sometasks work occasionally, other ones always fail at a specific point -- 1 issue is that the cat somefile.csv is being echoed to the console while it is being consumed by the thor sometask (this only happens over heroku, so I presume this is internal to heroku CLI).

I have found a workaround, which is to ensure that I'm writing nothing to the console (stdout) in the thor tasks & the functions they call, but it's frustrating to have to do that (no progress indication etc).

Another "workaround" is to ensure that the file being sent is under 4k (4095bytes) - I haven't been able to make it fail with this

Any ideas why this is happening (and why the cat is being echoed to stdout)? Is there a 4k stdout buffer limit for example somewhere in communication process? Any way to make the heroku CLI less verbose?

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