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So I am try to get a df that shows the latest Price based on a grouped dataframe. Below is a df of 9 records to help explain.

         Country   ISO Month  Price
0        Germany   DE  201311 7.99     
1        Germany   DE  201310 8.99
2        Germany   DE  201309 6.99
3   United States  US  201310 4.99
4   United States  US  201309 11.99
5   United States  US  201308 2.99
7         France   FR  201311 7.99
8         France   FR  201310 1.99
9         France   FR  201309 1.50

I want the df to return the price that relates to the maximum Month. Like to return the below view:

         Country   ISO Month  Price
0        Germany   DE  201311 7.99     
1   United States  US  201310 4.99
2         France   FR  201311 7.99

I tried doing a groupby with a max() and could return the maximum month by doing the below


but the above dropped the Price out that relates to that month, and if included the 'Price' in the groupby it obviously then return all the 3 values per country as they are different values.

Sorry I couldn't find the answer i was exactly looking for after 2 hours on the net.

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Is the data stored in mysql? If the data is in a list like[(0,"Ger..","DE",201311,7.99),(....] then your goal could be achived by this code:

the_list.sort(key=lambda x:x[3], reverse=True)[:3]

returns the data from first three largest month.

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hi Luyi, the data is being imported from a excel file actually and so is in a spreadsheet tabular format with headers. the data actually has more columns and countries and even a week field. so i need it to dynamically just return the 'price' for each combo when filtered on the maximum month of each combo. thus for the US it was actually October i needed to return and the others were November. –  IcemanBerlin Dec 9 '13 at 15:28
I have more of an MS access background. In access I would have just done a query on the data with the required fields, with GroupBy selected and a criteria of max of Month –  IcemanBerlin Dec 9 '13 at 15:34
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Ok, using the sort and first in a groupby seemed to get the result I need.

df.sort('Month', ascending=False).groupby(['Country','ISO'], as_index=False).first()

would return:

         Country   ISO Month  Price
0        Germany   DE  201311 7.99     
1   United States  US  201310 4.99
2         France   FR  201311 7.99
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