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I am trying to add few new text fields to my registration form(First name, last name, Contact no).

I have browsed through complete source code of Spree 2.1 but could not find any relevant section. But on searching text "Password Confirmation" I found following in the

en.yml(located at config/locales/en.yml file)

        email: Email
        password: Password
        password_confirmation: Password Confirmation

As Spree Uses devise for sign in/up mechanism hence explored the view section by running

`rails generate  devise:views` 

Hence tried to modify relevant file new.html.erb (app/views/devise/registartions/new.html.erb).

But none seems Working. :(

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You should put custom view to


And restart server after.

Copy from views from here: https://github.com/spree/spree_auth_devise/tree/master/app/views/spree

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It worked. Just copied to the contents to my projects-> view->complete spree folder. Thanks NARKOZ ! –  Ajay Dec 10 '13 at 6:02

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