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I would like to have a struct containing strings and a cell array of strings.

This works as expected:

x = struct('field1','one','field2','two');
>> x.field1
ans =    

but as soon as I have a cell array of strings, this is the output for x.field1:

x = struct('field1','one','field2',{'two','three'});
>> x.field1    
ans =    
ans =    

Can you tell me how to properly combine strings and cell arrays into a single struct? Thanks!

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I've tried it with Octave, and such a definition seems to lead to a 1x2 struct array, with 'one' as value for both the entries related to field1. It's different if you define x as follow: x = struct('field1','one','field2',struct('subfield1','two','subfield2','three'));. –  Paolo Gibellini Dec 9 '13 at 15:24

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Add two curly braces around the cell array to prevent Matlab from distributing its contents into a struct array:

>>x = struct('field1','one','field2',{{'two','three'}})
x = 
    field1: 'one'
    field2: {'two'  'three'}
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Worked perfectly, thanks! –  Lisa Dec 9 '13 at 15:32

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