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I have a JavaScript file named a pricing.js which contains this content in it:

var price_arr = new Array('$ 16.95','$ 30.95','$ 49.95','$ 70.95','$ 99.95','$ 109.95','$ 139.95','$ 155.95','$ 199.95','$ 460.95');

But I want to to update this part of JavaScript file using PHP so please help me in this how can I update this part of the content from JavaScript file using PHP?

 '$ 16.95','$ 30.95','$ 49.95','$ 70.95','$ 99.95','$ 109.95','$ 139.95','$ 155.95','$ 199.95','$ 460.95'
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Please understand that Javascript is Client Side code and PHP is server side code.

There can be 2 possible ways or scenarios which you want to achieve:

  1. If you want to manipulate the JS file before sending it to client, you can rename the Javascript file to have .php extension and write php code to provide a variable. For Ex:

    // write php code to create a string of values using a for loop  
    $price_array_string = "'&#36; 16.95','&#36; 30.95','&#36; 49.95',
         '&#36; 70.95','&#36; 99.95','&#36; 109.95','&#36; 139.95','&#36; 155.95','&#36; 199.95','&#36; 460.95'";
    // Javscript Code var price_arr = new Array(`<?`php echo $price_array_string ?>);
  2. The other alternative is that you get the value of price array by making an Ajax Request to a PHP web service.

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Simply give the pricing.js file a .php extension. You can then include PHP in the javascript file the way you would for any other page. Just be sure your HTML code specifies that it's still "text/javascript" when you load it. You'll probably want to set the content-type in the PHP file as well, like so: header("Content-type: text/javascript");

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Using your PHP script you can put a value in an HTML5 data attribute of an element on your page and then read it from your JavaScript, e.g. <body data-array="'&#36; 16.95','&#36; 30.95'"> can be generated with PHP, and then read with JS: var are = new Array($('body').attr('data-array').split(',')). Here jQuery is used in order to read the attribute value, but you can also do it with pure JavaScript.

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