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I want to search similar to the IN operator in mysql on Solr 4.5.1

I would expect the following to work

fk_brand:(1615 928 1457 9 820 1349 414 811 1272)

but it didn't. Wondering there could be something wrong with my data I tried


which worked! Any ideas what has changed there?

my original query (doesn't work is)


ok, I found out why it doesn't work. This is the debug of the query. It uses the AND operator where I would expect it to use the OR.

parsed_filter_queries": [
  "date_expires:[2013-12-09T16:11:38.875Z TO *]",
  "+fk_brand:1615 +fk_brand:928 +fk_brand:1457 +fk_brand:9 +fk_brand:820 +fk_brand:1349 +fk_brand:414 +fk_brand:811 +fk_brand:1272"

My default operator is defined as AND. Could it be that it uses the operator defined as default? In any case, how can I make this happen to get the desired result?

Changing my default operator in schema.xml to OR it worked as expected. However, if I would like to keep the default operator to AND, how could I pin point to the query parser/builder that he should use there the OR operator?

Nailed it :D In case anyone else faces similar problem the answer is

fk_brand:(1615 OR 928 OR 1457 OR 9 OR 820 OR 1349 OR 414 OR 811 OR 1272)

using the OR operator instead of space (which is identified as the DEFAULT OPERATOR since the DEFAULT SEPARATOR is space).

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Yes, all of your observation is correct! –  Arun Dec 9 '13 at 20:51
you could also set q.op for you query. Have a look at Solr Standard Query Parser –  Christoph Strobl Dec 10 '13 at 9:32

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