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I have a portlet, and using Spring MVC I want to download some dynamically created files. I mean I have List of String

List<String> xmls

,which contains the content of xml files, and I have some link in my view

<portlet:resourceURL var="exportForms" id="exportForms" /> 

If user click this

<a href="${exportForms}">download</a>

then, resourceMapping function have to make xml files form list of string, and pack them into compressed zip files.

public void exportForms(ResourceRequest request, ResourceResponse response) {...}

And I do not know how can I do this. I found, how to download one, simple file, but there is no solution, how to download compressed folder of files, dynamically created from list of string.


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Assuming Liferay 6.1


import com.liferay.portal.kernel.util.FileUtil;

And your resource method should look something like

    response.setProperty("Content-Disposition", "attachment;");

    final ZipWriter writer = ZipWriterFactoryUtil.getZipWriter();

    for (String filename : xmls) {
        byte[] file = FileUtil.getBytes(new File("filename"));
        writer.addEntry(filename, file);

    byte[] archive = writer.finish();
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