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I use the following code to get the returned response code of an aspx page

HttpConnection connection 
     = (HttpConnection) Connector.open("http://company.com/temp1.aspx" 
                                       + ";deviceside=true");
connection.setRequestProperty(HttpHeaders.HEADER_CONNECTION, "close");
connection.setRequestProperty(HttpHeaders.HEADER_CONTENT_LENGTH, "0");
int resCode = connection.getResponseCode();

It works fine. But what if the link "http://company.com/temp1.aspx" auto-redirects to another page; assume "http://noncompany.com/temp2.aspx" ? How can i get the response code which is returned from the second link (the one which the first link redirected to) ? Is there something like "follow redirection" to get the new response of the page whom was auto-redirected to ?

Thanks in advance.

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I found the solution, Here it is for those who are interested:

int resCode;
String location = "http://company.com/temp1.aspx";
while (true) {  
     HttpConnection connection = (HttpConnection) Connector.open(location + ";deviceside=true");
     connection.setRequestProperty(HttpHeaders.HEADER_CONNECTION, "close");
     connection.setRequestProperty(HttpHeaders.HEADER_CONTENT_LENGTH, "0");
     resCode = connection.getResponseCode();
     if( resCode == HttpConnection.HTTP_TEMP_REDIRECT
          || resCode == HttpConnection.HTTP_MOVED_TEMP
          || resCode == HttpConnection.HTTP_MOVED_PERM ) {
          location = connection.getHeaderField("location").trim();
     } else {
          resCode = connection.getResponseCode();
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You may want to replace the while(true) statement with a for loop (up to 5-10 tries or so) to prevent getting into an infinite redirect loop, which can happen sometimes with an incorrectly configured web server or proxy. –  Marc Novakowski Jan 12 '10 at 18:12
Thanks Marc for the comment. I think also there's another solution, to keep track of redirected links, by adding each new location (link) to a vector for example, and whenever a new redirection link is found, the code should first check if it exists in the vector, because if it exists there it'll cause cyclic infinite redirection. Thanks for this note. –  Ashraf Bashir Jan 13 '10 at 9:42

You need to code your HttpConnection inside a loop that follows HTTP redirections based on the response code.

The HTTP header "location" in the response is supposed to give you a new host (maybe it can be used to replace the entire URL).

HttpConnection.HTTP_MOVED_TEMP and HttpConnection.HTTP_MOVED_PERM are the two response code that indicate a redirection.

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Thanks Man, I've seen your answer after posting my solution. By the way, there exist another response code which is HttpConnection.HTTP_TEMP_REDIRECT . Thanks again for your reply. I'll mark it as an answer and up. –  Ashraf Bashir Jan 12 '10 at 11:44

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