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The HMAC SHA1 signatures I'm getting from my python implementation and my clojure implementation are slightly different. I'm stumped as to what would cause that.

Python implementation:

import hashlib
import hmac

print"my-key", "my-data", hashlib.sha1).hexdigest() # 8bcd5631480093f0b00bd072ead42c032eb31059

Clojure implementation:

(ns my-project.hmac
    (:import (javax.crypto Mac)
         (javax.crypto.spec SecretKeySpec)))

(def algorithm "HmacSHA1")

(defn return-signing-key [key mac]
  "Get an hmac key from the raw key bytes given some 'mac' algorithm.
  Known 'mac' options: HmacSHA1"
    (SecretKeySpec. (.getBytes key) (.getAlgorithm mac)))

(defn sign-to-bytes [key string]
  "Returns the byte signature of a string with a given key, using a SHA1 HMAC."
  (let [mac (Mac/getInstance algorithm)
    secretKey (return-signing-key key mac)]
    (-> (doto mac
      (.init secretKey)
      (.update (.getBytes string)))

; Formatting
(defn bytes-to-hexstring [bytes]
  "Convert bytes to a String."
  (apply str (map #(format "%x" %) bytes)))

; Public functions
(defn sign-to-hexstring [key string]
  "Returns the HMAC SHA1 hex string signature from a key-string pair."
  (bytes-to-hexstring (sign-to-bytes key string)))

(sign-to-hexstring "my-key" "my-data") ; 8bcd563148093f0b0bd072ead42c32eb31059
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The part of your Clojure code that translates bytes to hex strings drops leading zeros.

You could use a format string that maintains a leading zero ("%02x"), or use a proper hex encoding library, such as Guava or Commons Codec.

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Thank you. ("%02x") worked. –  gilmaso Dec 9 '13 at 20:37
@nstoskrnl what was the final code you ended up with? I'm facing the same problem. –  devth Feb 13 at 15:40

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