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The JSP:

<s:form action = "addfriend">
  <s:property value="Username" />
  <s:submit value="Add friend" />

Does this code submit the value in the property tag to the action form?

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If you need to send a value that is displayed through s:property, simply add an s:hidden field to it:

<s:form action = "addfriend">
    <s:hidden    name = "Username"   />
    <s:property value = "Username"   />
    <s:submit   value = "Add friend" />

Remember, if a tag doesn't have the name attribute, it won't be posted to the Action.

Also avoid variables starting with an uppercase letter: username would be mapped to setUsername and getUsername, but Username could create problems, and is not standard.

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No, property tag doesn't generate input fields. Merely description of the property tag you can find here. It's used to print the value from the value stack to JSP output. To submit the value to the action the form needs to have a tag which generate a HTML input tag or textarea tag. That's what the textfield tag provides.

<s:textfield name="Username" value="%{Username}"/>

Note, there are many other tags that generate input fields, you can see the output generated in HTML browser source window.

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As already pointed by @Roman, here's the code :

You can do :

<s:form action="addfriend">
      <s:textfield name="Username"/>
      <s:submit value="Add friend" />
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