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I'm trying to read/write cells in a google spreadsheet. The resources I've looked at are;

gdata api is mentioned in various places, but I can't see how this is used to talk to spreadsheets, there are no spreadsheet related methods AFAIKT.

Spreadsheet API reference seems to have the HTTP protocol, but involve parsing and constructing huge pieces of xml to basic things, and seems unwieldy, but I'm a noob python coder so maybe there is a more elegant way of using http & XML that I'm not aware of. If any one has any canonical code sample code for useing V3 of the API, that would be great.

This question, mentions samples on google, but all its links have rotted and now point to the v3.0 of the API and all the examples are gone.

BTW I need to use Oauth access tokens, I can't use client auth, so gspread is no good to me, unless someone can show me how it can use access tokens.

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It looks to use passwords rather than OAuth2.0 For the OAuth2.0 I used this:

Note: I am using the Java version, not Python.

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