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I have a very small database which includes 6 points, with those coloums id, the_geom, descr. And my aim to write a PL/pgSQL function which finds the the pair of points whose distance from each other is maximal. As an output, i would like to show the id or descr of two points and also the distance between them.

I have tried to do a function with returns table but setof text would be better solution? Thank you!

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You may try something like a cross join to find all combinations, then order by the difference. If your table name was foo something similar to:

SELECT,, abs(set1.the_geom - set2.the_geom) --- May want to use earth_distance extension ehre
FROM foo set1, foo set2

And if you need earth distance to calculate the distance itself -

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Thank you very much. I tried actually nested loop to reach to the result of the cross join what you have written. I`ll give a try to add the distance in it.. –  jugoslaviaa Dec 11 '13 at 9:55
It works at the moment like this SELECT, FROM geom_tab_1 set1,geom_tab_1 set2 WHERE != ORDER BY ST_Distance(set1.the_geom, set2.the_geom) DESC limit 1 ; But as an output, i have just the point pair. How can i add the distance informaiton to output? –  jugoslaviaa Dec 11 '13 at 10:26

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