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I want to build a route something like

  <from uri="servlet:///user?matchOnUriPrefix=true"/>
  <to uri="direct:put"/>

<from uri="direct:put"/>
<setHeader headerName="CamelHazelcastOperationType">
<to uri="hazelcast:map:foo"/>

ie everything that matches POST:/user/{cachename}/{key1} should take the key1 as key and place the payload under key:key1 to map:{cachename}.

Same thing for

GET:/user/{cachename}/{key1} should take the {key1} as key and retrieve the payload under key1 from map:{cachename}.

Any Help will be highly appreciated.


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You should have a number of Camel headers available from the incoming servlet, such as:

  • CamelHttpMethod = GET
  • CamelHttpPath = /user/{cachename}/{key1}

You could use code or an expression language to extract the information from there, a very basic example would be:

<setHeader headerName="cachename">

<setHeader headerName="key1">
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Hi Bgossit that really helped but i got stuck with some serialization exception using hazelcastcomponent in camel can you see if you can put some light on the following… – remo Dec 11 '13 at 5:55

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