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I am using camel 2.8.4 in my app. my app will receive request from a queue, then the request will be validated by a Validator. Base on the content of the message, the Validator will forward the request to different destinations. Validator will be a POJO bean. Destinations will be get from database (this is a MUST). I prefer to use spring dsl for camelContext.

1. I dont know how to write the validator to forward req to destinations.
2. Can we use something similar like this 
    <to uri='method=getURI() bean='Validator''> in camelContext

       <route id="route-1">
          <from uri="mq:queue:QUEUE"/>
          <bean ref="Validator" method="validate"/>
               <!--i would be great if we can use <to uri="dynamicURI-from-database"> here  -->

Class Validator{
    public void validate(String req){
     if (...)
         //get uri1 from database 
         String uri1=getURI(..);
         //forward req to uri1
         //get uri2 from database 
          String uri2=getURI(...);
         //forward req to uri2


   public String getURI(..){
      return uri;


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Use the dynamic URI feature to generate a URI at runtime. You can invoke a processor which sets the URI in exchange and then use that in the to clause.

Something like :

process(new Procesor()
   public void process(Exchange exchange){

and in the to clause

<to uri="${header.myURI}"/>
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Did you have a look at the dynamic recipient list pattern: ?

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