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This is for a propery site: http:// vetro mar.com/beta (remove spaces)

At first I couldn't modify all the custom taxonomy's, but after reading: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/plugin-qtranslate-translating-custom-taxonomy-names

And adding this to my functions.php file:

function qtranslate_edit_taxonomies(){
      'public' => true ,
      '_builtin' => false
   $output = 'object'; // or objects
   $operator = 'and'; // 'and' or 'or'

   $taxonomies = get_taxonomies($args,$output,$operator); 

   if  ($taxonomies) {
     foreach ($taxonomies  as $taxonomy ) {
         add_action( $taxonomy->name.'_add_form', 'qtrans_modifyTermFormFor');
         add_action( $taxonomy->name.'_edit_form', 'qtrans_modifyTermFormFor');        


add_action('admin_init', 'qtranslate_edit_taxonomies');

Multilingual fields appeared in the property categories, and more fields - so filled them all in - but...

On the search form (right sidebar) you can search by categories. I've changed the default label for the fields manually in widget php file, but the translated category names aren't coming through, and default (en) is showing for all 3 languages.

Maybe there's something I'm missing? Or something to add into the form itself to know to use qtranslate.

Hope I've gave enough detail, if not just ask.

Many Thanks

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