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What I want to do is:

Suppose I have a 4 digit and a 3 digit number (4251 and 573 respectively) I want to display them in form of 7 digit number like:( 0004251, 0000573) respectively. the TO_CHAR scalar function does the job when using IBM db2 version 9.7 but does not work for IBM db2 9.1.

I need a solution for a query which works well in both cases.Does anyone have any idea how to do so?

Thanks in advance

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Since you say v9.1, I'm assuming you mean DB2 for z/OS (mainframe) here. I tested this to work on at least v9.7 for Linux/Unix/Windows (probably earlier versions will work, too, but I don't have an instance older than that lying around).

Have a look at the LPAD() scalar function:

SELECT LPAD(your_field, 7, '0')
FROM your_schema.your_table
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