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I am working on a TicTacToe game for a class assignment, there are places where I am stuck and could use some help...the game should be able to draw Xs and Os with in grids and execute a full game here is my code

import turtle
import math 
import random 

cellSize = 100
turtleWidth =10
gridColor  = 'Black'
xColor = 'Blue'
oColor = 'Red'
winColor = 'green'
drawColor = 'Gray'

winninTriples = ((0,1,2)

def onclick(x, y):
    print x, y

  #the grid is here 
def drawGrid(pen, length, xcoor, ycoor):
      startX = [xcoor,xcoor,xcoor+length, xcoor+(2*length)]
      endX = [xcoor+(3*length), xcoor+(3*length), xcoor+(length),xcoor+(2*length)]
      startY = [ycoor+(2*length),ycoor+length, ycoor, ycoor]
      endY = [ycoor+(2*length), ycoor+length, ycoor+(3*length),ycoor+(3*length)]
      for grid in range(4):

     pen = turtle.Turtle()       

     board = [0,1,2,

    def theWinnner(grid0,grid1,grid2,grid3,grid4,grid5,grid6,grid7,grid8):
        X = 'X wins'
        O = 'O wins'
        No = 'Draw'
        #this was a code that was given, I am supposed to add on to it and I am not sure how it can be modified and what should I put as the parameters when executing it? 
   def drawX(t,x,y,size):
       drawLine(t, x + size/4, y + size/4, x - size/4, y - size/4)
       drawLine(t, x - size/4, y + size/4, x + size/4, y - size/4)
   def drawO(t,x,y,size):

   def Move():
       y = input("Please choose a row:")
       x = input("Now please choose a column:")
       if x in ['0','1','2']  and y in ['0','1','2']:
          return("Your destination is " + y + " " + "and " + x)
          return("One or more of your dimensions is out of bounds")

This is the work I have so far, I am kind of lost in regards to what to do next.

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What does it do now? Anything? Which step are you confused about? –  Burhan Khalid Dec 10 '13 at 5:09
I'm starting to think that we need a new tag python-tic-tac-toe-turtle-assigment. –  Tim Pierce Dec 10 '13 at 5:23
Please specify what your problems are and provide a test case. If you execute it - what are your errors etc. Some of your code doesn't follow conventions. Consider to take a code review at codereview.stackexchange.com –  Jon Dec 10 '13 at 7:52

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