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I have a .csv file which consists of 10 columns. The first 9 are related to the properties of a particular item, while the 10th column has the "Class" which states which item it is.

I am trying to run the following classifiers -

  • Naive Bayes
  • ZeroR
  • IBK
  • Neural Network

I am having some trouble trying to proceed. I am supposed to divide my data such that - First half is to be trained and test the results using the second half of the data.

I begin with going to the "Explorer" and opening the .csv file. I select all the attributes, including "CLASS' and then go to the classify tab.

From there, I select the "Percentage Split" as 50% and simply "Start" the different classifiers (as mentioned before).

So these are the questions -

  • Is the right method?
  • Do I need to include the "CLASS" column as an attribute too?
  • What kind of modifications can I do in the GUI to improve the test results for the classifiers without changing the data? I am trying to understand the working of these algorithms w.r.t WEKA as well and so want to try different things.

Can anyone help me with this?


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Your question is a little bit too general, but I will try to help:

  1. Make sure that the "Class" column is selected in the "Classify" tab (below "More Options" button)

  2. You can use 2-fold cross validation which correspond to 50%/50% split

  3. Increase training set size - use 80%/20% percentage split or even 90%/10% instead of 50%/50% (corresponds to 5-fold and 10-fold cross validation respectively). This may help if you have a small sample size

  4. Choose your classifiers wisely - depending on your problem, you can also use for example Decision Trees (such as J48) and Random Forest.

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