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I'm writing c# code to check-in code to TFS server:

Workspace WS = VersionControl.GetWorkspace(TeamProject);

int NumberOfChange = WS.PendAdd(string.Format(@"{0}\Main\DotNet\",LocalWorkingPath),true);

PendingChange[] pendingChanges = WS.GetPendingChanges();        
WS.CheckIn(pendingChanges,"Auto Check-in");

But i got the error is

"No files checked in", all files/folders under LocalWorkingPath are "Pending Change".

Are the above codes correct?

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get latest and check if you see your code there, sometimes the code checked in but the TFS write that it not. –  Hadash Dec 10 '13 at 6:31
I used my account to check TFS Server, files/ folder are there but the status is "pending changes" and i need to manually check-in by right click on that and click on check-in. –  HoangNT Dec 10 '13 at 7:07
If Team project already there, files or folders checked-in sucessfully otherwise it is "pending Change". Do we have any ways to check-in automatically in case of Team Project doesn't exist in TFS Server? –  HoangNT Dec 10 '13 at 7:11
VersionControl.GetWorkspace takes in the local workspace path and not team project. And yes the project has to exist for you checkin anything against it. –  allen Dec 10 '13 at 7:26
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I changed the command WS.GetPendingChanges() to WS.GetPendingChanges(tfsServerFolderPath,RecursionType.Full) and it is working at my side.

Here is detail:

        //Get the current workspace
        WS = versionControl.GetWorkspace(workspaceName, versionControl.AuthorizedUser);     

        //Mapping TFS Server and code generated

        //Add all files just created to pending change
        int NumberOfChange = WS.PendAdd(localWorkingPath,true);
        //Get the list of pending changes
        PendingChange[] pendings = WS.GetPendingChanges(tfsServerFolderPath,RecursionType.Full);

        //Auto check in code to Server
        WS.CheckIn(pendings,"CodeSmith Generator - Auto check-in code.");
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