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in my test i have a piece of code that the browser.executeScript executes but there are some errors with it that i cant fix

this is the browser.executeScript code :

browser.executeScript('var allcookies = document.cookie;
cookiearray = allcookies.split(";");
for (var i = 0; i < cookiearray.length; i++)
    name = cookiearray[i].split("=")[0];
    value = cookiearray[i].split("=")[1];
    console.log("Key is : " + name + " and Value is : " + value);
sidValue = value;
receiptNumber = $scope.row.nr;
window.location.href("https://www.mysite.nl/info?sid=" + sidValue + "&filter={nr:" + receiptNumber + "}");');

i have two problems:

  1. $scope.row.nr ,it says that $scope is not defined
  2. on my window.location.href it saysProperty 'href' of object [object Location] is not a function (when i remove href it says the same only about location).

Does anybody knows how to fix this?

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2. is solved with : window.location="mysite.nl/info?sid="+ sidValue +"&filter={nr:"+ receiptNumber + "}"; –  Basman01 Dec 10 '13 at 8:52

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executeScript runs in the global context where $scope is not defined by angular. If you go to your web console and enter $scope you can replicate it.

You would need to query the elements scope property like so angular.element( document.querySelectorAll('.your-element')[0] ).scope()

Then it looks like @Basman01 has an answer for your second issue.

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