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When I right-click on a DBGrid it opens a popupmenu, but it also selects (hightlights) the cell I am currently over when right-clicking.

Is there a way to not select(hightlight) the cell I am over when right-clicking and only have the popupmenu open?

Best regards Josef

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You might intercept WM_RButtonDown for your DBGrid using an interposer class or an own derivied component.
An example could look like:

    Procedure WMRButtonDown(var Msg:TMessage);Message  WM_RButtonDown;

  TForm3 = class(TForm)


{$R *.dfm}

{ TDBGrid }

procedure TDBGrid.WMRButtonDown(var Msg: TMessage);
   if Tag = 123 then  // abuse the tag or implement an own property to handle only wished grid
      Msg.Result := 0
   else inherited;
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