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The main question is in the title but here is the background.

Since I pick the lazy way to register my components

typeof (MyModelBinder).Assembly).WithService.FirstInterface()

Now when I try

  container.AddComponent<CompositionBinder, CompositionBinder>();

Windsor told me there is already a component with the same keys

But if I comment out that line Windsors fail to resolve for CompositionBinder Now if I do

    container.AddComponent<CompositionBinder, CompositionBinder>

Then it work. So I would like to peek under to engine to get an idea of what kind of Components and Keys that got register to my container.

How do I get all the key for the components that are currently register in Castle Windsor?

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See this question. ComponentModel has a Name property which is the component key.

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Thank you. Glad that somebody know this stuff so well. –  firefly Jan 12 '10 at 14:22

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