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I have a context menu that has some items like A, B C, D and E. Now D and E also has a sub menu items.

Ex D has I and J

E has K and L

and same K and L has some sub menu items. Ex.

K has M

L has T

So My Context menu will look like this..

D --> I    
E --> K --> M   
      L --> T

So My question is How to add M and T items in toolstripitems which are K and L.

Any help will be appreciated . Thanks

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Here is sample code that creates menu like A --> B --> C:

ContextMenuStrip menu = new ContextMenuStrip();
ToolStripMenuItem menuItemA = new ToolStripMenuItem("A");
ToolStripMenuItem menuItemB = new ToolStripMenuItem("B");
ToolStripMenuItem menuItemC = new ToolStripMenuItem("C");
this.ContextMenuStrip = menu;

If items you deal with ToolStripItem you will have to cast it to ToolStripMenuItem.

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You can add sub menu by using code behind


(myContextMenuStrip.Items["Item Status"] as ToolStripMenuItem).DropDownItems.Add("Submenu1", null, new EventHandler(gridcontexsubMenu_ItemClicked));

and refer the following link for context menu handler


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I think that should be very simple to do using Windows Form Designer with the following steps:

Click on MenuItem E and Add MenuItem K just by typing 'K' in the text field shown by the designer (saying 'Type Here')

Now Click on MenuItem K and Add MenuItem M just by typing 'M'

Hope that will help.

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