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Need to support some old projects directly in the newest OS, not in a virtual machine.

I've installed VB6 from the VS6 disk #1 successfully, but I cannot install the SP6 for this development environment. When I launch it, an information window that informs me about the installation progress appears for some milliseconds, but the required files (ADVPACK.DLL, msvbvm60.dll, ...) aren't updated in the system folder. The About dialog in VB6 IDE also proves that - I do not see "SP6" anywhere in it.

How to install the SERVICE PACK 6 (not the VB IDE itself) in this OS?

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@Jonathon: If I needed to launch it in a VM, I would have not asked such a question. I need to do that directly in Windows 8.1. –  TecMan Dec 10 '13 at 11:41
@the_drow, the links are useless. I need to install SP6, but the resources tell me nothing how to do that. –  TecMan Dec 10 '13 at 11:45
As I suspected, they are not an answer but they do specify that they are attempting to install VB6 SP 6 with the IDE. What's wrong with installing the IDE as well? –  the_drow Dec 10 '13 at 12:27
@the_drow, read carefully the question - there is no problem with installing the IDE itself. –  TecMan Dec 10 '13 at 12:39

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Solved my "problem" - very strange why I couldn't figure out what files I needed and what I should have done...

Downloaded and unpacked this (Vs6sp6.exe, I have only VB6 installed):

Service Pack 6 for Visual Basic 6.0

Then launched setupsp6.exe with the admin rights explicitly - and it installed the SP6 without any problems.

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Does it actually work? Can you run the IDE, build an application and run it? –  Jonathon Reinhart Dec 10 '13 at 17:18
@Jonathon, yes, it really works. At least, I could compile the exe and OCX of my real-world projects without any problems. Don't forget to set the 'Run as administrator' checkbox for the VB6 shortcut in the Start menu to avoid problems with accessing the Windows registry. –  TecMan Dec 10 '13 at 17:30

There is an installer to simplify the installation of the VB6 programming IDE on Windows 7, 8 and 10 which has now had over 25,000 downloads. This includes Service Pack 6

VB6 programming IDE installer

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There is an explanation of how to install the VB6 programming IDE on Windows 8.x here... fortypoundhead.com/showcontent.asp?artid=23916 –  VB6 programming May 22 at 4:31

I've tried both methods here on Windows 8.1 Update 2. At first the symptom had been the same as the OP, except that I was doing exactly what the OP did as his solution -- extracting the files and running Vs6sp6.exe.

So I tried the other solution, installing MSDN. After MSDN installed, I tried SP6 again. This time, it tells me it can't install because it can't find any VS6 products installed. But VB6 (without SP) still starts up fine. Also MSDN starts up normally.

Any suggestions? If I have to run it in a VM I will; I already have Windows XP on a Hyper-V VM for the original early 90's Oxford English Dictionary. But it would be a lot more convenient if I could get it working directly in 8.1.

BTW I've been running it fine in Windows 7 for years. There are some hoops to go through to get it installed, and it changes the screen when it starts and stops, but overall not bad at all.

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While you can run VB6 in Windows 8.1 it's not going to do well and there will be any number of issues as you've discovered.

An alternative option is to create a Virtual Machine using Hyper-V Manager which is readily available on Windows 8, install Windows XP*, Visual Studio 6, etc. Then remote desktop to your virtual machine and you're good to go.

Also, when windows 9, 10 and 11 arrive, your virtual machine can be transferred over to them or to a new PC all without breaking your VB6 development environment.

*Or Windows 7 32 bit if you have to but XP is better for VB6

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Visual Studio 6 + VB6 SP1 Installation

  1. Ensure UAC has been turned off.
  2. Ensure your user has administrative rights on the computer.
  3. Run the Setup.exe file in the Visual Studio Installer.
  4. “Run the program without getting help” when the error “This program has compatibility issues”.
  5. Click Next, Accept the Agreement and click Next.
  6. Enter your software key, name and company name. Click Next.
  7. Update Microsoft Virtual Machine for Java.
  8. “Run the program without getting help” when the error “This program has compatibility issues”. Note message shown twice.
  9. Say “Yes” to reboot the system.
  10. On start up the setup continues to run.
  11. “Run the program without getting help”
  12. Start Page shown. Click on Desktop.
  13. “Run the program without getting help”
  14. Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Edition shown with options “Custom, Products or Server Application”.
  15. At this point click “Exit” on the installer and confirm with “Yes” otherwise an error will be shown if you continue.
  16. Run the Setup.exe file in the Visual Studio Installer.
  17. “Run the program without getting help”
  18. Click Next and Accept the Agreement and click Next
  19. Enter your software key, name and company name. Click Next.
  20. Select Custom and click Next
  21. Installation folder click next
  22. “Run the program without getting help”
  23. Click “Continue”.
  24. Product ID click “Ok”
  25. Tools -> Change Options -> OLE/Com Object Viewer, Uncheck and click OK.
  26. Enterprise Tools -> Change Options -> Visual Studio Analyzer, Uncheck and click OK.
  27. Data Access -> Change Options -> ADO, RDS and OLE DB Providers, Uncheck.
  28. At this point it warns saying the component is essential. Click OK and OK again.
  29. Click continue.
  30. Say Yes to register environment variables.
  31. Say Yes to VSS DB format.
  32. Install box with “Destination File:” should appear.
  33. Setup is updating your system message box should appear.
  34. Click OK to Windows NT Debug Symbols.
  35. Click Restart Windows.
  36. On start up the setup continues to run and loads APEMREG.exe.
  37. Install using compatibly settings.
  38. “Run the program without getting help”
  39. Untick install MSDN. Click Next and yes to confirm.
  40. Select Nothing and click Next.
  41. Select Nothing and click next.
  42. Untick Register and click finish. SP6 Installation
  43. Run setupsp6.exe
  44. Click Continue.
  45. Click I Agree.
  46. Setup Successful click OK.

Read more: http://www.fortypoundhead.com/showcontent.asp?artid=23916#ixzz3i6JHcNMg

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Follow these three simple steps:

  1. Install VB6 first
  2. Install MSDN complete
  3. Install VB6 SP6 only after installation of MSDN

You will be able to install VB6 SP6 successfully.

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TURN OFF CAPS LOCK! –  Wesley Bland Sep 3 '14 at 16:12
Thanks. Installing the MSDN Library seemed to help. SP6 installed cleanly afterwards. –  slestak Mar 30 at 16:23

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