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I've written a simple program, in which one I press

  1. the program makes a text file
  2. it shows a sentence about the program
  3. the program gets finished.

These three buttons work perfectly fine, now I what I want is this: when I press "4" the program reads that text file (that I made before by pressing "1"). Now I've also written the code that opens the text file and it works normal as an stand alone. Here it is:

org 100h ; .com memory layout
mov dx, offset file ; address of file to dx
mov al,0 ; open file (read-only)
mov ah,3dh
int 21h ; call the interupt
jc terminate ; if error occurs, terminate program
mov bx,ax ; put handler to file in bx
mov cx,1 ; read one character at a time
lea dx, BUF
mov ah,3fh ; read from the opened file (its handler in bx)
int 21h
CMP AX, 0 ; how many bytes transfered?
JZ terminate 
mov al, BUF 
mov ah,0eh ; print character (teletype).
int 10h
jmp print ; repeat if not end of file.
mov ah, 0 ; wait for any key...
int 16h
file db "c:\finaltest.txt", 0
BUF db ?

But when I import these codes into my main program, it can't open the file. Here's the full program, I want the program to read that text file when I press "4", but instead the program just gets reloaded:

.model small
.stack 100h

msg1    db      10, 13, 10, 13, "Please select an item:",0Dh,0Ah,0Dh,0Ah,09h
        db      "1- Create File",0Dh,0Ah,09h
        db      "2- About",0Dh,0Ah,09h      
        db      "3- Exit",0Dh,0Ah,09h     
        db      "4- Open File",0dh,0ah,09h
        db      "Enter item number: " 
        db      '$'   

About   db      10, 13, 10, 13, "Blank Text About the Program$"

handle  dw  ?
file1   db  "c:\finaltest.txt", 0
text    db  "Contains Message",0
text_size equ $ - text

main proc 
    mov   ax,@data
    mov   ds,ax

    lea     dx, msg1  
    mov     ah, 09h 
    int     21h     

    mov     ah, 1 
    int     21h        

    cmp     al, '1' 
    jl      ShowMenu   
    cmp     al, '3'
    jg      ShowMenu 

    cmp     al, "1"
    je      CreateFile
    cmp     al, "2"
    je      ShowAbout
    cmp     al, "3"
    jmp     Quit          
    cmp     al, "4"
    jmp     OpenFile

   mov   ah,4ch
   int   21h   

    lea     dx, About  
    mov     ah, 09h 
    int     21h    
    jmp     ShowMenu

jmp new
text_size = $ - offset text
mov ah, 3ch
mov dx, offset file1
int 21h
mov handle, ax
mov ah, 40h
mov bx, handle
mov dx, offset text
mov cx, text_size
int 21h
int 21h           

jmp print
mov dx, offset file
mov al,0 
mov ah,3dh
int 21h
jc terminate 
mov bx,ax 
mov cx,1 
lea dx, BUF
mov ah,3fh
int 21h
JZ terminate 
mov al, BUF 
mov ah,0eh 
int 10h
jmp print 
mov ah, 0 
int 16h
file db "c:\finaltest.txt", 0
BUF db ?

    jmp     ShowMenu                
main endp
end main
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Why are you using jmp to call subroutines that end with ret? You should be using the call instruction. – Michael Dec 10 '13 at 11:04
Thank you for the reply Michael. Can you please be more specific? I'm not really familiar with the "call instructions" in assembly. You mean I should use these codes instead? Cause it's not working: : cmp al, "4" call OpenFile – user3086511 Dec 10 '13 at 13:01
ret will pop the return address from the stack, which will have been placed there by a preceding call. Hence, if you ret from a routine you typically should've got there through a call instruction. The jmp instruction simply overwrites the instruction pointer, which doesn't provide any information to ret about where to return. Also, having a cmp in front of a jmp serves no purpose since jmp is unconditional. I recommend that you download Intel's Software Developer's Manual. – Michael Dec 10 '13 at 13:08
Well, thanks. I'm downloading it right now. But I still got a question: How come the "Create a File" works fine (with cmp and ret) but the "Open File" just doesn't do anything. Thanks again. – user3086511 Dec 10 '13 at 13:19
int 21h / ah=3Dh returns an error code in ax if it fails. See this page for a list of error codes. – Michael Dec 10 '13 at 13:25

Looking at your code, I see multiple issues:

  1. OpenFile does not open the file; there's a weird jmp print that skips the first part of the function.
  2. Neither CreateFile nor OpenFile closes the file after writing/reading. I'm not sure about an emulated environment, but in production, you'd be creating an empty file.
  3. Duplicate int 21h at the end of CreateFile; a copy/paste error?
  4. Use of ret without any call, as already pointed out by Michael.
  5. file and BUF are in .code segment, should be in .data (though this may not be a problem in the emulator you are using).


  1. Remove the jmp print that's at the start of OpenFile.
  2. Close the file (for code, see below), both after writing and after reading the file.
  3. Remove the duplicate int 21h.
  4. The easiest way out is to replace each ret by jmp ShowMenu.
  5. Specify .data above the definition of file and BUF.

After that, you may need to do more debugging to get everything to work.

Code sample to close a file:

mov  ah, 3Eh
mov  bx, handle
int  21h
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