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I am having a consistent

Error: Failed to launch instance-id": Please try again later [Error: Timeout while waiting on RPC response -topic: "network", RPC method: "get_instance_nw_info" info: ""]

every time I am launching an instance in Openstack. I've tried it both using the OpenStack dashboard and via terminal (nova). Using the terminal, here's the command I ran:

nova boot --flavor "2" --image "b26c9acf-06c0-4ff8-b1c7-aca3052485c8" --num-instances "2" --security-groups "default" --meta description="test" test

When I check the list of instances, here's the output:

| ID                                   | Name                                      |    
Status | Task State | Power State | Networks |
| a0477666-b810-4c73-94e6-2a66576bccac | test-a0477666-b810-4c73-94e6-2a66576bccac |    
ERROR  | None       | NOSTATE     |          |
| c5822a6f-4270-4718-95c4-9f28fea8de82 | test-c5822a6f-4270-4718-95c4-9f28fea8de82 | 
ERROR  | None       | NOSTATE     |          |

Here's a snapshot of the error I am encountering: enter image description here Am I missing a configuration entry (i.e. using dashboard) or sub-command (i.e. in using nova via terminal) during launching? Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Please try to check neutron logs inside screen. wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/GNU_Screen . Neutron screens are q-svc ... q-meta –  Max Lobur Dec 10 '13 at 13:35
@MaxLobur Thanks! I can't find any neutron logs. I did a find command but haven't seen any "neutron*" log. what's the log name anyways? –  jaysonpryde Dec 10 '13 at 23:23
if you run "screen -x" to enter screen session and then ctrl+a -> shift+" you'll see the list of screens (a screen per each openstack service). There will be services q-svc, other q-*, and q-meta the last. These are quantum (neutron) services. Check them for errors –  Max Lobur Dec 11 '13 at 9:25

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