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I am new to oracle forms.

I have 2 datablocks and I have an add button at the end of the form which has the commit_form.

Datablock1 has a tabular form which consists of display items and has 3 buttons(add,update and delete)

On clicking add,datablock2 should be enabled.
On clicking update,the cursor should move to the first item in the tabular form and it should be editable and after editing,It should be updated in the table.

Now my problem is that,I can edit the form and update without clicking the "update button"

Because, I have used the "on_update" trigger on the block level and hence if I edit something and click "ok",Its getting commited since,I have a "commit_form" over there.

I don't need the update to happen at the block level.I want it to be enabled only on button_click.But there is no trigger at the Item level to do so.

Help would be much appreciated.!!

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