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As suggested at ttps://code.google.com/p/autofac/wiki/MvcIntegration#Register_Model_Binders , I have put ModelBinderType attribute on my ModelBinder class. It used to work fine (at least didn't show any error) when I was on MVC3, but as soon as I upgraded my solution to MVC4, this error started coming.

Am I doing anything wrong here? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

(I am referencing Autofac.Integration.Mvc here, so there shouldn't be any question of missing references)


I am registering my model binders in global.asax.cs through these statements: // Register Model Binders


And I have a model binder class DataFilterBinder which inherits from BaseBusinessObjectBinder. Later class implements IModelBInder. Class DataFilterBinder goes something like this:

 using Autofac.Integration.Mvc;

    public class DataFilterBinder: BaseBusinessObjectBInder


class BaseBusinessObjectBinder looks like this:

using System.Web.Mvc;

public abstract class BaseBusinessObjectBinder: IModelBinder
 public abstract object BindModel(ControllerContext controllerContext, ModelBindingContext bindingContext)

Please let me know if any more code is needed.

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Please show us some code. –  Jojo Dec 10 '13 at 13:04
and the stacktrace please –  Alexandr Nikitin Dec 10 '13 at 15:10

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I had quite the same error. In my case it was because I haven't done the migration from MVC3 to MVC 4 in the right way. You can find the instructions in "Upgrading an ASP.NET MVC 3 Project to ASP.NET MVC 4" section on official website page. Also don't forget to upgrade Autofac MVC integration package. It should help you.

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