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I have created a huge createTables.hql file. However, I would like to give hive the file in batch mode to save a lot of time at implementation.

I tried % hive -f createTables.hql, however, that does nothing when saved in an *.sh file

I appreciate your answer!

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Check if the script file has execute permission for the user who is running it from the command line. If not, use the chmod command to grant it.

You can then use the following command to run the script.
Prompt> hive -v -f ./

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Is is also possible to convert the *.hql file into an executable file? – mrquad Dec 11 '13 at 8:25

Let's say you have a list of sql files (with commands) Like, create_table.sql , insert_table.sql etc. I create a file with

    hive -f create_table.sql
    hive -f insert_table.sql

    chmod a+x


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