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I was wondering if it is possible to display the title from an A tag reference, which comes up as a pop-up in your browser, if anyone know of any libraries to make this pop-up much nicer and have the ability to format the content?

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Use jQuery qTip.

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qTip is a powerful jQuery tooltip option which allows Images, Videos, Thumbnails, etc within the tooltip.

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You can't edit the tool tip itself, but you could use jQuery to create a div on the a:hover event, and style the div as you see fit.

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You can use the SimpleTip jQuery plugin for this.

There is more information over at this question on how to use this with the title attribute.


SimpleTip has now been superseeded by qTip

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As far as I know this is not possible. Not all browsers display a tooltip for anchor tags. I suggest using JavaScript for this behavior:

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There's no pure HTML way to do this. Some browsers don't even show the title attribute.

Your best option would be to use one of the numerous Javascript libraries.

For jQuery: 25 Useful jQuery Tooltip Plugins and Tutorials

For Prototype there aren't so many but Prototip is promising.

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i doubt that's possible... yet. Why not roll your own on a hover event using jQuery?

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By default title will be just a string, You can use any JS Plugins to make it look pretty. I guess you are not using any JS libraries as such, if using just javascript, here is a good one to work with DHTML javascript tooltip

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I did some playing and finally came up with using overLIB, see my blog for full details

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