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I wanted to write some functionality in Emacs which will allow me to run my favorite editor and file manager in directory where my current buffer file resides. I'm not familiar with Lisp so this code may be ugly, anyway:

(setq terminal-program "rxvt-unicode")

(defun buffer-dir-name ()
  (file-name-directory buffer-file-name))

(defun terminal-option-buffer-dir ()
  (let ((dir (format "'%s'" (buffer-dir-name))))
    `("-cd" ,dir)))

(setq terminal-option-ranger '("-e" "ranger"))

(defun run-terminal ()
  (start-process "terminal" nil terminal-program) (terminal-option-buffer-dir))

;; outdated, see below
(defun run-file-manager ()
  (let ((args (append (terminal-option-buffer-dir) terminal-option-ranger)))
    (message (type-of args)
    (apply 'start-process "filemanager" nil terminal-program args))))

Function run-terminal works fine. But when I try to run run-file-manager I'm experiencing following error: Wrong type argument: stringp, cons. Why? Documentation says that return value of append function is a list, not cons.

After Drew response I saw that run-file-manager function has some trash left after my debugging. Now it looks as follow:

(defun run-file-manager ()
  (let ((args (append (terminal-option-buffer-dir) terminal-option-ranger)))
    (apply 'start-process "filemanager" nil terminal-program args)))
;;  (apply 'start-process "filemanager" nil terminal-program '("-cd" "/opt/" "-e" "ranger"))))

Now I have an another issue. When I call this function it does nothing. But if first invocation of apply is commented and second one is uncommented it works as I expect: it runs ranger in terminal in /opt directory. Any ideas?

I solved my problem, which was slightly different from that in question title. Problem was that function terminal-option-buffer-dir was returning -cd option with valued starting with ' not / which is required by urxvt. I debugged that by setting parameter BUFFER of start-process function to "*Messages*".

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set debug-on-error to t (manually or in the options menu) and post the backtrace. – sds Dec 10 '13 at 15:59

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The error msg says that something in run-file-manager was expecting a string and got the symbol cons instead.

message expects a string as its first argument. But type-of returns a symbol. In this case, it returns the symbol cons.

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