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I'm debugging some python script that must run on my virtual machine. And, I prefer to edit the scripts locally(outside of virtual machines). So I find it's tedious to scp modified scripts to virtual machines every time. Can anyone suggests some effective way?

Particularly, I'm wondering if it's possible to execute python scripts on remote PVM. Something like that:

python --remote user@ hello.py //**FAKED**, served to explain ONLY
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It is possible using ssh. Python accepts hyphen(-) as argument to execute the standard input,

cat hello.py | ssh user@ python -

Run python --help for more info.

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You can do it via ssh.

ssh user@ "python ./hello.py"

You can also edit the script in ssh using a textual editor or X11 forwarding.

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This executes a remote python script on the remote server. As I understand the author wants to execute a local python script on a remote server. –  Sney Feb 27 at 13:10
Yes, you are right. I was suggesting to do the edits via ssh too, directly on the remote machine, to avoid the "upload stage". Actually you can upload and execute the file in one line (e.g. unix.stackexchange.com/a/57809). But that solution looks a bit dirty to me... –  Faust Mar 1 at 13:55

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