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In my Android app I use Picasso to load images. This normally works perfectly well.

Today I tried loading a static image from the google maps api, but this doesn't seem to work. When I open the example link as provided on their info page, I get to see the static map image perfectly well. When I load it in my Android app using the line below, I get nothing at all.


I also tried to download the image and uploading it to my personal webspace, from which it loads perfectly well, but somehow, it doesn't seem to load directly from the direct google API url.

Does anybody know why this is so, and how I can solve it?

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It seems a problem with the character |. Anyway it's a bug. –  Brais Gabin Mar 10 at 9:51

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The only programmatic point-of-failure that comes to mind is in parsing the URI. Looking at the current Picasso code (https://github.com/square/picasso/blob/master/picasso/src/main/java/com/squareup/picasso/Picasso.java) I see the following:

  public RequestCreator load(String path) {
    if (path == null) {
      return new RequestCreator(this, null, 0);
     if (path.trim().length() == 0) {
      throw new IllegalArgumentException("Path must not be empty.");
    return load(Uri.parse(path));

So I'd first debug


and see what that Object looks like. Does it drop or confuse any of your parameters?

If that doesn't lead you anwhere, try downloading the file manually using a HttpClient [or similar]. Then at least you can fully debug the request/response.

Also, I know Google maps has some limits -- are you sure you haven't reached them?

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