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I'm buidling two private npm packages that depends on each other.

Say that I have :

     package.json :
       name : "my-commons",
       version : "0.0.1"

     package.json :
       dependencies : {
          "my-commons" : "0.0.1"

I can use 'npm link' to install the 'commons' package. So anyone willing to start working on server has to do :

  • checkout project
  • cd my-server
  • npm link ../my-commons
  • npm install

And a symlink to ../my-commons is added in /my-server/node_modules, and everything's fine.

Is there however a way to tell npm that 'my-commons' package will always be in that folder out there, so that you could just do :

  • checkout project
  • cd my-server
  • npm install

Or am I missing something obvious here ?


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But first: If my-commons is needed by my-server then it is most likely a good idea to keep it in my-server/node_modules even if that is redundant. In most cases it's best keep a module's dependencies isolated from the rest of your application.

In that scenario, npm link can be used during development, when you're working on my-commons and want to use the changes in my-server without having to npm publish my-commons.

In production you will not want to use npm link, because dependent modules will lose control over which version of the linked module they end up with. If my-server depends on my-commons 0.1.0, but you npm linked your 1.0.1-pre-release version of the my-commons module all hell might break loose.

However, since version 1.2.10 (shipping with node 0.8.19) NPM supports peer dependencies. Peer dependencies allow you to specify that my-server requires that my-commons be installed "besides" my-server. This does not enable you to require("my-commons") inside my-server but could be useful if my-server is a plugin for my-commons. For more information: http://blog.nodejs.org/2013/02/07/peer-dependencies/

And finally, since you said that you are developing private packages: If installing the packages is what is causing trouble for you, because you can't publish your packages to the public NPM registry, have a look at alternative ways to specify dependencies (git-, http-URLs, TGZ files): https://npmjs.org/doc/json.html#dependencies

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Thanks, my use case is the one you describe, so in practice I really want to have my-server/node-modules/my-commons ; my question was just : "is there a way to write 'my-server/package.json' so that devs don't have to run 'npm link' ". Pure lazyness, I know... –  phtrivier Dec 12 '13 at 9:34

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