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Can I display the build results in NetBeans in the similar form that Eclipse provides? That is, in a table where every error takes a single row?

Currently, NetBeans is giving me raw unparsed textual output from the Ant build. It has hyperlinks to problematic lines, but it is less comfortable than what I am used to from Eclipse.

Screenshot of Eclipse

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You can open Window menu and choose Action Items (or click ctrl+6 ). on the left side, you can choose if you want it to list for the editied file/selected project/ all projects. you can also define a filter (filter icon on left side of the action items window) and there you can define a filter that lists only compilation errors. open the filter editor and you will see the options.

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Thank you. I'd have never (without reading documentation from cover to cover) figured out it is called 'Action items' in NetBeans. –  user7610 Dec 11 '13 at 8:03

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