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I've got an error on temporary assetics directory when compiling coffee-script files.

On linux all works greatly, in MS Windows no.

The error is relative to the path of the default temp directory that is wrong, beacuse the default temp directory is under [User]\AppData\Local\Temp.

Node command os.tmpdir() return the right path to temp dir, but when using the coffee filter on symfony2 the temp dir point to c:\windows\temp... returning the error invalid directory

symfony2 settings are:

      bin: %kernel.root_dir%/Resources/node_modules/.bin/coffee

how can i fixed this filter on a windows SO? Can I use the --output parameters of coffee for examples and compile in another temp directory?

I've already tried to grant full access to IUSR in the C:\Windows\Temp directory.

thx in advice.

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It's a problem related to PHP ini file.

the parameter is sys_temp_dir

And from the official documentation (link) it's available since ver 5.5.0 so apparently it's not resolveble.

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