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I'm running JbossFuse/Karaf version 2.3.0.redhat-60024 and it comes with spring 3.1.3.RELEASE.

How to update the spring version to 3.2.4.RELEASE?


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Spring 3.1.3 is included in the features XML shipped with that Fuse ESB release, i.e. system/org/apache/karaf/assemblies/features/standard/2.3.0.redhat-60024/standard-2.3.0.redhat-60024-features.xml

A newer version of that features XML (not redhat specific) contains the features definitions for Spring 3.2.4, see standard-2.3.3-features.xml.

The easiest way to install Spring 3.2.4 libraries then would be:

  • features:addurl mvn:org.apache.karaf.assemblies.features/standard/2.3.3/xml/features
  • features:install spring/3.2.4.RELEASE

Another option is to simply copy & paste the items you want from that file and add them to a new features XML, or append to one of the ones already included with Fuse ESB under the system directory. See here for more information about creating your own features XML file.

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