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Took the plunge a couple of days ago, using yeoman for a project. After some fiddling I got it to work on my computer, but then something got messed up and now the project is not running anymore. I think the issue has to do with yeoman installing in one place, but the system looking for it in another. I think, but obviously, I don't exactly know where things are going wrong.

I think the two locations are:


I am not sure where things should be installing for Yeoman. I realize that initially, I was using sudo to install things and that might have messed some thing up, or that I was using homebrew. I have since uninstalled homebrew and no longer need to use sudo for nom to install stuff.

$ node -v


$ npm -v


$ echo $NODE_PATH

returns nothing.

$ echo $PATH

$ which npm

returns /usr/local/bin/npm

$ npm install -g yo

Seems to install fine, at the end it says:

/usr/local/bin/yo -> /usr/local/lib/node_modules/yo/bin/yo
yo@1.0.5 /usr/local/lib/node_modules/yo

but if you run yo -v after it says: env: node\r: No such file or directory

If I run:

sudo nano /etc/paths 

it shows the following paths, of which I added the last path:


I have node_modules folders in a number of places.


and a number of other places.

Where are things going wrong? Where should npm install yeoman stuff and how does the system refer to it, so it know where it is when I write stuff like $ yo -v

Thanks a lot for any help with this.

Thank you!

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When I install stuff globally, it installs the files into: usr/local/lib/node_modules –  BrianF Dec 10 '13 at 21:10
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2 Answers

There was an issue with the 1.0.5 launch of yo. Try some solutions from other users. Basically:

$ npm uninstall -g yo
$ npm cache clean
$ npm install -g yo
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thank! i am on windows and after i install python easy_install yo was not find the installed generators after i run your commands everything start to work again! –  ygaradon Feb 26 at 9:13
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I ran into the same problem after I changed the default directory for global node installs. And here's I fixed this:

From terminal type:

$ which yo

In your case the path would look like (or something similar)


Now all you need to do is to add this path /Users/brian/npm/bin/ to the $PATH variable in your .bash_profile file. Then logout and log back in and type yo.

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