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We are trying to setup DR site with SolrCloud running in both data centers. Currently we have solr 4.3.1 running with 3 zookeeper instances and 3 solr instances. We are planning to have similar SolrCloud in our DR site.

  • What is the best way to replicate data between primary and secondary SolrCloud instances ?
  • At a time only one site will be primary so is there any way to make one side master and other slave ?
  • If one site is down how to replicate data when it comes up again ?
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I asked the same question on the lucene-solr-user mailing list and didn't get a very satisfying answer either.


The best solution Ive come up with is keeping hypervisor-level replication copies of each Solr/Zookeeper VM in the SolrCloud instance such that they can be stood up whole as an antire cluster at the colo with minimal data loss.

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