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I need to demonstrate a code which implements deep copy for an array of strings in JAVA . Following is the code I developed.Anybody can confirm if it is correct or not?

    public class Paper implements Cloneable{

private String Type ; 
private String[] Text ; 

//Default constructor to initialize variables.
public Paper()
        this.Type="" ; 
    this.Text = new String[0]  ;  

//Necessary constructor.
public Paper(String Type, String[] Text)
this.Type= Type;
//Deep copy 
this.Text = new String[Text.length] ; 
this.Text = Text.clone() ;
//Flat Copy
this.Text = Text ; 

//Here we implements the interface "Cloneable" to make deep copy when we want to 
//extend an array of Paper objects.
public Object clone()
        Paper cloned = (Paper) super.clone();
        cloned.Text = (String[])Text.clone();
        return cloned;
    catch(CloneNotSupportedException e)
        return null;
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Not much point in making a deep copy of an array of immutable objects (like strings)... –  Jon Dec 10 '13 at 21:14
There is no way to create a shallow copy of strings, so its always "deep" copy –  Martin Ch Dec 10 '13 at 21:15

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