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I have a form I'm marking up in HAML. Attempting to add the following text_field is not working proper.

= text_field :gamedate, {:id => 'datepicker'}

This ends up with the following HTML:

<input id="gamedate_{:id=>"datepicker"}" type="text" name="gamedate[{:id=>"datepicker"}]">

How do I just get a name and id of gamedate -- the output above looks broken and I'm guessing that I'm using text_field incorrectly. This isn't tied to a model of any sort, I'm using form_tag and not form_for

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You need text_field_tag.

= text_field :gamedate, 'defaultvaluehere', :id => 'datepicker'
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It is working corrctly. You want:

= text_field nil, :gamedate, id: 'datepicker'

or better

= text_field_tag :gamedate, id: 'datepicker'

Read: http://apidock.com/rails/ActionView/Helpers/FormHelper/text_field

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