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Im trying to run the below script to understand the Javascript object and inheritance but don't see anything being displayed.


                function Person(){
                    alert('New Person Created');

                Person.prototype.sayHello = new function(){

                var x = new Person();

                var newfunction = x.sayHello;

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You should get used to spotting errors in the log, that’s your first lesson :) – David Dec 10 '13 at 21:24

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$ is defined in jQuery, you need to include jQuery library before using the $

you can include jquery library using cdn like this,

<script src ="//"></script>
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The first line of your script is jQuery. If you want to use jQuery you should include it first (based on what you have written I strongly suspect you don't need or want it just yet).

Alternatively, just drop the $(document).ready part and its {}s and that should get you going.

Also, take a look at your developer tools menu and get your JavaScript console open. It will have told you about this error.

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When you use a construct like $(document), you are calling a function $, which is defined as jQuery. You need a <script> tag in your document to load the correct version of jQuery. Also, check your browser console. You will see an error there about $

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The only thing I can see wrong is that you are trying to use the jQuery library, but you've never actually included it.

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