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I'm trying to filter noise out of an image in matlab and I've hit an issue. I need to be able ask some function whether or not if the index -1,-3 or -1,4 or 5,-1 exists, and I need it to return some integer or a false so that I can put it in an if statement. so far, with islogical() exist() and just ARRAYNAME(-1,4) I've gotten an error saying that index position doesn't exist (duh, but that's not what I want) is there a function that can return 1 if there's an error? I really just need this one thing. let me know if the question is too vague.

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actually why would try such indexing, I have provided one possible way to tackle that, but still curious. Better way is to write your code in such a way that it never exceeds index (or reverse) –  Parag S. Chandakkar Dec 10 '13 at 22:05

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You can use try-catch statement as follows.

function element=neverReturnIndexingError(array1)
%array1=[1 2 3 4];
    fprintf('Index is invalid\n');
    element=1; %returning 1 as you said
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