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Is there a way to escape the special characters in regex, such as []()* and others, from a string?

Basically, I'm asking the user to input a string, and I want to be able to search in the database using regex. Some of the issues I ran into are too many)'s or [x-y] range in reverse order, etc.

So what I want to do is write a function to do replace on the user input. For example, replacing ( with \(, replacing [ with \[

Is there a built-in function for regex to do so? And if I have to write a function from scratch, is there a way to account all characters easily instead of writing the replace statement one by one?

I'm writing my program in C# using Visual Studio 2010

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A Google search on C# escape special character regex returns the answer. –  Jim Mischel Dec 10 '13 at 22:30

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You can use .NET's built in Regex.Escape for this.

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you can use Regex.Escape for the user's input

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