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How would I suppress all warnings (or at least as many as possible since those prefixed with MSB cannot be suppressed How to suppress specific MSBuild warning)?

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The best way is to fix the issues that are causing the warnings.

If you must ignore the warnings (e.g. you have inherited a project with so many that you can't see the wood for the trees), you could try changing the WarningLevel property,

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Thanks! That is exactly what happened! Also, the way software is released here requires that non-developers build from the software repositories and I want warnings to be suppressed for them. But yes, when the time presents itself the issues will be fixed. – Joseph Gordon Jan 13 '10 at 17:54

msbuild /clp:ErrorsOnly

                     Parameters to console logger. (Short form: /clp)
                     The available parameters are:
                        PerformanceSummary--Show time spent in tasks, targets
                            and projects.
                        Summary--Show error and warning summary at the end.
                        NoSummary--Don't show error and warning summary at the
                        **ErrorsOnly--Show only errors.**
                        WarningsOnly--Show only warnings.
                        NoItemAndPropertyList--Don't show list of items and
                            properties at the start of each project build.
                        ShowCommandLine--Show TaskCommandLineEvent messages
                        ShowTimestamp--Display the Timestamp as a prefix to any
                        ShowEventId--Show eventId for started events, finished
                            events, and messages
                        ForceNoAlign--Does not align the text to the size of
                            the console buffer
                        DisableMPLogging-- Disable the multiprocessor
                            logging style of output when running in
                            non-multiprocessor mode.
                        EnableMPLogging--Enable the multiprocessor logging
                            style even when running in non-multiprocessor
                            mode. This logging style is on by default.
                        Verbosity--overrides the /verbosity setting for this
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This might not work if you want to suppress a specific warning. E.g. in my case, I would like to suppress warning MSB3270. – Farrukh Waheed Nov 27 '13 at 4:49
Surprisingly helpful documentation: – Steve Jan 23 at 18:37

If you would like to suppress MSB3270 only then you can set in project file just

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