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I am using RestClient in my ruby on rails app to send a get request to an api of my app like the following:


The problem is that I also have to pass the secret API key to access the api in header of the get request. I have no idea how to pass this parameter in header of the request and how to access this param api_key inside my controller to validate the request to get access to that api. So I want something like that:

class StudentsController < ApplicationController

 before_filter :validate_access, :only => [:<api_name>]


   def validate_access
     .... < I don't have any idea what to write here>

In this restrict_access function I want to check the value of api_key in request header to determine whether the request will be given access to that function or not.

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You can set header values to RestClient.get by 2nd argument.

RestClient.get "/url?params1=<val1>&param2=<val2>..", {x_your_api_token: "YOUR_API_TOKEN"}

And in ActionController, you can get it by request.headers["X-Your-API-Token"]

def validate_access
  api_token = request.headers["X-Your-API-Token"] # header name is case insentsitive


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