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I've installed the latest version of NextGEN gallery (version 2.0.40). All other options like Basic Thumbnails, Basic ImageBrowser, Basic SinglePic are working fine but when I tried to create a Basic Slideshow then it's not working! I can only see the slideshow loading icon but no slideshow images. This is how I called the gallery to a page:

<?php echo nggShowSlideshow(1,300,200); ?>

I've check the error console & its shows following error:

TypeError: jQuery(...).nggShowSlideshow is not a function

timeout: 10000      });

I've searched for solution of this issue & some people suggested to change this:

        jQuery('#<?php echo_h($anchor); ?>').nggShowSlideshow({
            //code here

with this:

        jQuery('#<?php echo_h($anchor); ?>').nggShowSlideshow({
            //code here

but it didn't worked for me! By the way, my Wordpress version 3.7.1.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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This is kinda odd to answer my own question, but I want to state my findings here so that it might be helpful to others!

What I've figured out is, footer was missing in my page-templates! As most of the wordpress plugin's javascript files are being called through footer so if you miss <?php get_footer(); ?> in your page-templates then you may get such error like TypeError: jQuery(...).nggShowSlideshow is not a function! I've missed footer while working with custom page-templates.

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