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I'm totally lost in attempts to understand how to display very simple data in DC's barChart.

The X axis should display Countries and Y axis should display the corresponding number of Users in respective country.

The JSON data looks as follows:


Please have a look at the javascript code:

  var _w = $('#ubc-graph').innerWidth();
  var _h = $('#ubc-graph').innerHeight();
  var userByCountryDistroChart = dc.barChart("#ubc-graph");
    var ndx = crossfilter(data);

    var countryDimension = ndx.dimension(function (d) {
      return d.country;

    var max_usr_num = countryDimension.top(1)[0].country;
    var min_usr_num = countryDimension.bottom(1)[0].country;

    var totalByCountrySum = countryDimensionGroup.reduceSum(function(d){
      return d.users;

      .yAxisLabel("number of users")
      .group(totalByCountrySum, "users by country")
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You probably want an ordinal x axis. You can do that by setting the domain and xUnits like this:


Here is a jsFiddle that should help you get started: http://jsfiddle.net/djmartin_umich/LDN72/

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